MALA BABY was born from one simple thought, from one mama to another: to create a shopping space for mother & beyond; an inclusive and approachable place for families seeking high-quality, affordable, timeless pieces and products for their littlest ones and the mamas in their lives. We strive to be the home for many beloved Canadian vendors and source fun, unique, high quality products to meet the needs of your family stylishly and ethically.

From Krysta, Our Founder:

"I am incredibly grateful for the relationships I have built, the incredibly talented leaders I have worked alongside and the instrumental role these leaders have played in shaping who I am today."

With now over 17 years of working experience in this industry, it was time to follow-through with my dream of creating a family concept shop. I strategically positioned myself to take on unique and challenging roles which would one day support me in the creation of this shop.

As our community on this platform continues to grow, we want to take a moment to extend our gratitude. Thank you and a warm welcome to those who are new here.

- xo Krysta



Raised by a family of entrepreneurs, Krysta developed a business acumen from an early age. From her first high profit business with her Fisher Price cash register (all sales were final) to succeeding at the real thing at Holt Renfrew. She has always been driven to combine her enterprising spirit with her love of fashion.

She finds fulfillment in motivating like-minded entrepreneurs. She believes Walt Disney said it best with, “All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.”

Krysta has 15+ years of experience in both retail management and corporate sales, merchandising and partnerships. She launched her career in sales and human resources for Holt Renfrew. Starting in a hands-on role allowed her to build a foundation to expand into directing operations, managing & initiating brand partnerships and leading merchandising strategy.

MALA BABY is a brand with a simple purpose: to provide the very best in luxurious, contemporary essentials for the modern mama & bebe, always.