MIKKIE Jacket No Ears- Camel

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HUTTELiHUT uses OEKO-TEX certified merino- and lambswool. Wool is a natural and renewable fiber which makes it one of the most sustainable materials in the world. In addition, wool has numerous capabilities which makes it suitable for children. Wool is heat-regulating and will therefore be able to cool down the active child, whilst keeping the quiet child warm. Wool is self-cleaning, needing less washing. Wool is able to transport moisture away from the body and keeps the children dry. It is breathable and durable, and even protects against UV radiation, as it absorbs the radiation far better than many other materials. The fibers of merino wool are thin, which means that it does not scratch. Instead it is incredibly soft. Our production does not use mulesing or other kinds of animal cruelty.
  • 100% Wool fleece melange OEKO-TEX

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